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Friday, January 17, 2014

Salad on a Jar - Delicious!

Well,  I tried this and the salad was just great! I put the salad dressing in the bottom and then added sliced red onions, sunflower kernels (couldn't find just the seeds), sliced grape tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, sliced hard boiled eggs, sliced radishes, and ending with the Spring salad mix (a container that I bought at Walmart) at the top. I used wide mouth quart Ball jars because that is all I could get. I made 4 jars of salad and ate 1 the next day. My Husband also ate 1. Initially, he was not a happy camper about me putting the salad in jars, but after he started eating the salad, he really liked it. 

I got the recipe from the Titan Outlet Store site. Never thought that they would have a recipe on their page. You have to try this! It is really good!

Farm Recipe: Salad in a Jar

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 Salad in a Jar – Ingenious!
I’ve always loved salads, and especially love the salad bars where you can choose from a wide array of makings.  My biggest problem at home though, is actually putting the salad together once I have all of the fixings.  I don’t know why that is – perhaps my subconscious is telling me that digging in my refrigerator for the various ingredients is a lot more work than simply selecting them from choices already put in front of me at a restaurant.  Anyway, when I saw this idea that someone shared on Facebook I was quite excited, and I was determined to see if this method really works.  I added extra items based on my personal preferences, and spent most of an afternoon chopping red onions, green pepper, cucumber and carrots.  I also included one boiled egg per jar and added some bacon bits.   While this part of the preparation seemed rather time-consuming, once it was done the assembly process went quite quickly and it brought me great pleasure to see my refrigerator filled with premade salads.   The amount of dressing is up to you.  I started with ¼ cup and will see if that suits me.  I used the least expensive method of sealing, spending under $5 for the Zip-Loc hand vacuum.
I calculated an estimated calorie count for one of these salads, and was found that they were approximately 550 calories (the dressing and boiled egg carrying the majority).  I’m anxious to see how effective the vacuum process is.  If this works well, I hope to create a new habit towards eating healthier!
Salad in a Jar
Shredded carrots
Cherry tomatoes
Sunflower seeds
Hard boiled eggs
Baby spinach

  1. Arrange ingredients in a large Mason jar
  2. Store in fridge for up to a week
  3. When ready to eat: shake jar, place on plate, and eat!

You can make any arrangement you want (add red onion, cucumbers, radishes, peppers, etc.).  Always remember to put the dressing at the bottom and the lettuce at the top – a MUST.