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Born in Maryland but became a Pennsylvanian in 1993. Have a great family with children and grandchildren!  Interests in sewing and quilting. Like watching NASCAR races. 

Friday, January 15, 2010

January - not sure about this month

The holidays are over with. The weather has been cold and snowy. Not sure about this month. Some good things are birthdays. We celebrated Brian's birthday by taking him out to dinner at a Indian restaurant. It was his choice and the food was great!. I was told to tell them that I didn't want it hot. It had a little kick to it but was good. I had Chicken Marsala. Their bread was really good. It was different but good. Tomorrow morning I go to Meagan's birthday party at the skating rink. Her birthday was in December but the party is tomorrow because of the holidays. Then at 4:30 we will be going to a Chinese restaurant in York. We will be celebrating Breanna's birthday. So this month is busy for birthdays. So I guess January is a good month!