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Born in Maryland but became a Pennsylvanian in 1993. Have a great family with children and grandchildren!  Interests in sewing and quilting. Like watching NASCAR races. 
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Friday, January 24, 2014

First Day Of School Bracelets - this is a keeper!

I know that this is not the first day of school nor is it even close, but I just thought that this was a great idea! I got this from the Tie Dye Diva Patterns Blog .

Monday, March 19, 2012

10 Easter Eggs Decorating Ideas

Here are some pictures of Easter egg decorating ideas. They did not give a tutorial but look easy to figure out. Anyway, you can look at these pictures and create your own.

decorative easter eggs
Photo credit: Wish on a Whisker
decorative easter eggs
Photo credit: Rafał Wójcik
decorative easter egg
Photo credit: DyeDye

Photo credit: dotcomwomen
easter egg